Clerk Fee Schedule

Fictitious Business Name Fees
One owner and one business name $30.00
Each additional owner or business name $7.00 each
Research name prior to filing $7.00 each
Abandonment of FBN $30.00
Withdrawal of Partnership of FBN $30.00
Certified FBN copies $2.00 each
Plain FBN copies $1.00 each


Miscellaneous Fees
Register Notary Public $15.00 + Bond Recording Fee*
Register Process Server $117.00 + Bond Recording Fee*
Register Professional Photocopier $182.00 + Bond Recording Fee*
Register Unlawful Detainer $182.00 + Bond Recording Fee*
Register Legal Document Assistant $182.00 + Bond Recording Fee*
Register Humane Officer $5.00
Authentication of Notary Signature $5.00 each
Authentication of Health Officer $5.00 each
File Power of Attorney $10.00
*Bond Recording Fee $14.00 First Page $3.00 Each Additional Page


Environmental Filing (CEQA) Prior Fees Fees Effective January 1, 2022
Clerk Filing Fee (for all environmental filings)    $50.00    $50.00
Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND)    $2,480.25    $2,548.00
Environmental Impact Report (EIR)    $3445.25    $3539.25
Environmental Document pursuant to a Certified Regulatory Program (CRP)**    $1,171.25    $1,203.25
Negative Declaration (ND)    $2,480.25    $2,548.00
**Including, but not limited to, the Forest Practice Rules and timber harvest plans, and other state agency regulatory programs (CEQA Guidelines 21080.5).