Contra Costa Clerk

First Page (one side of one sheet)

27361.4      G.C.        $14.00          Each Additional Page     $3.00

Real EST. Fraud Prosecution Fund additional fee for each of the following Documents:

Abstract of Judgment, Affidavit,Amended Deed of Trust,Assignment of Deed of Trust, Assignment of Lease, Assignment of Rents, Construction Deed of Trust, Declaration of Homestead, Deed of Trust, Easement, Lease, Lien, Lot Line Adjustment, Covenants Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R), Mechanic’s Lien, Modification of Deed of Trust, Notice of Completion, Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee’s Sale, Quitclaim Deed, Reconveyance, Release, Request For Notice, Rescission of Notice of Default, Subordination Agreement, Substitution of Trustee, Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale, UCC 3 (Amendment, Assignment, Continuation, Termination).

CC Res 95-633        G.C.        $3.00



 Combined Documents containing more than one title or function

27361.1        G.C.         $14.00 per title

Non Standard Size Page effective 7-1-94 Penalty applies to each page or sheet of the document

27362(1)        G.C.       $3.00

Documents requiring additional indexing: 

Each group of ten names or functional portion thereof after the initial group of ten names

27361.(8)      G.C     $1.00

Release of State City or County Liens

27361.3        G.C      $15.00

Recording of a Document evidencing a change of ownership without a concurrent filing of a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report

480.3       R&T          $20.00

Survey Monument Preservation Fund

Applies only to grant deeds showing other than a complete lot and tract legal description.

27584, 27585 &CCC Ord.64.6  $10.00

CityTransfer Tax (Richmond) based on full value of property

$7.00 per thousand

Documentary Transfer Tax collected on all transfers of real Property,excluding liens remaining at the time of sale.

11911, & CCC Ord. 64.6          R&T              $0.55 per $500.00

Lien notification fee on involuntary lien

27297.5       G.C.             $7.00 per Owner/ Debtor

Maps – Filed For Record Code Section Fee

Filing of Maps 27372& (Subdivision, parcel, survey & assessment)    

27361.4    G.C.          $9.00

Each additional page  $3.00

Copy Fees Code Section Fee

Each page of document                                27366       G.C.          $1.00

Maps & documents exceeding 11”X18”  each page                          $3.50 

Certification - Only complete documents will be certified                  $2.50

Miscellaneous Fees

UCC 1 OR UCC 5 (1-2 Pages)                                                       $10.00                                      

3 or more pages                                                                               $20.00

UCC 3 (1-2 Pages)                                                                           $13.00

3 or more pages                                                                                $23.00 

File preliminary 20 Day Notice                      3097(o)     C.C.          $30.00

Each additional lot notice                                                             $4.50

Documents to be filed, not recorded            27380        G.C.          $8.00