Contra Costa Clerk

General Information

What type of document can be recorded?

Any document authorized or required by law to be recorded, such as Grant Deed, Deed of Trust, Reconveyance etc....


When are documents recorded?

Documents are usually recorded within 1 to 2 days of receipt by this office, provided they meet all recording requirements.


Will I get my document returned? When?

Yes. Documents are mailed back within 6-7 weeks after recording. This return time may fluctuate due to volume.


What is a Substitution of Trustee/Deed of Reconveyance?

A Substitution of Trustee/Deed of Reconveyance is recorded when a loan is paid off or refinanced. It does not necessarily reflect the name of the current property owner.

For example: if you assume a loan the Substitution of Trustee/Deed of Reconveyance is recorded in the name of the original borrower, not the current homeowner.


Can I obtain forms from the Recorder's office?

This office does not provide document forms and cannot assist you in their preparation. Consult an attorney, a title company, or persons familiar with real estate record preparation. If you choose to prepare the document yourself, you may purchase forms at certain stationery stores. The Contra Costa library and self help books may assist you.

It is your responsibility to select the correct form to meet your needs.


How can I meet the legibility requirements?

We process all recorded documents using digital high speed scanners. All of the documents recorded in our office are inspected to ensure that the document is legible and will scan on our equipment. To ensure that your document will scan properly please do not use highlighter pens. Please use black or dark blue ink, use only standard fonts (Arial and Times New Roman) in a standard font size, 9 or larger,underline items you want to highlight and do not use bold type in the body of a document. Documents printed on a laser printer will scan far better than documents printed on an ink jet printer.