Contra Costa Clerk


Order Documents Online
You may obtain certified copies of the following documents on-line

We only have Births or Deaths that have taken place in this county and public marriage licenses that have been purchased in this county.

Birth Certificates for newborns are available approximately 6 weeks after the birth.

Death Certificates are available approximately 4 weeks after the death occurs.
Payment Methods:
Imprinted Personal Checks- Made payable to 'County Recorder' are acceptable for mail or in person requests only.
Debit/Credit Card orders will be charged an additional processing fee for these transactions.
If the requested certificate is found, it will be mailed to you. If not, you will receive a Certification of No Record as required by law.

Please make sure your request is accurate as this office cannot issue refunds.

Because each copy is printed on security paper and bears a raised seal, we cannot FAX copies.