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Real Property Document

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***EFFECTIVE 01/01/2013***

Pursuant to SB 1342, the highest fee that may be charged to fund a Real Estate Fraud Prosecution Trust Fund is $10, upon adoption of a resolution by the Board of Supervisors. Contra Costa County charges $3 on eight specific document types, and is not planning on increasing the fee at this time. This bill redefines what a “real estate instrument” is and adds twenty additional document titles to what we currently collect the fee on. Effective on January 1, 2013, the following documents will be charged the additional $3 REF (Real Estate Fraud) fee:


·         Abstract of Judgment
·         Affidavit
·         Amended Deed of Trust
·         Assignment of Deed of Trust
·         Assignment of Lease
·         Assignment of Rents
·         Construction Deed of Trust
·         Declaration of Homestead
·         Deed of Trust
·         Easement
·         Lease
·         Lien
·         Lot Line Adjustment
·         Covenants, Conditions
& Restrictions (CC&R)
·         Mechanic’s Lien
·         Modification of Deed of Trust
·         Notice of Completion
·         Notice of Default
·         Notice of Trustee’s Sale
·         Quitclaim Deed
·         Reconveyance
·         Release
·         Request For Notice
·         Rescission of Notice of Default
·         Subordination Agreement
·         Substitution of Trustee
·         Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale
·      UCC 3 (Amendment, Assignment,    
 Continuation, Termination)